I updated my Samsung A50 today, and since the update my phone is stuck at the lock screen. I tried restarting the phone in 'Safe mode' but the lock screen is stuck there too. Then I tried 'Recovery' mode and tried running the 'graphics test'. However, on running it, it gives me a 'Error' screen, then a 'No Command' screen and then an 'Erasing' screen, after that too when I reboot the system the phone is stuck at the lock screen. Is there a way to fix this problem without doing a factory reset/wiping data? And if there is no way and the only option is to do a 'factory reset', what is the best software to restore/recover the data that I'll lose? I do have some data backup on google/samsung cloud, but its not backed up since last 3 months. I don't want to lose my data :(

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