In my previous Android phone, when I to copied any link, there was a popup window of ADM asking whether I wanted to download the specific file or not. It required that ADM should be running in the background.

But now, there's no such pop-up. I've to manually paste links. Although I've enabled the pop-up permission of the app in phone settings.

Is there some other android permission, or ADM setting that I'm missing?

EDIT : I've also checked for auto intercept links, I've enabled it. Still not working.


I haven't used this feature of ADM before, but what you're describing reminded me of a change Android 10 has for security reasons.

In Android 10 apps that are not in focus cannot access your clipboard, not even Google's own Translate app.

Source: https://developer.android.com/about/versions/10/privacy/changes#clipboard-data

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