An app currently saves files to "mydir" on the internal memory:


Instead, I want the files saved onto external memory card, but I am unable to figure out what is the right path. The attempts below do not work:

/SanDisk SD card/mydir

/storage/SanDisk SD card/mydir

/storage/emulated/SanDisk SD card/mydir

Android 9 , Redmi 8

"SanDisk SD card" comes from a file manager app, not sure if the card is to be specified by this or something else.


this is what stands for the external microSD card,


...and this is for my own custom directory on the microSD.

(I got the /storage/36E2-14BB/ from an app where the available folder options were listed in a drop-down menu. Otherwise, no clue how to arrive to the 36E2-14BB and it is is unique or universal to each microSD cards.)

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