Do tablets released in 2020 have a technology that allows to use them directly (no sofware to install, only cable) as a PC secondary monitor?

I want to buy a tablet to use it as secondary screen for my pc by cable and I want to know which features/hardware must have to be use it as secondary PC monitor.

I am asking because I have been using spacedesk to connect my tablet to PC via Wi-Fi. It works fine but if the connection is not good or the tablet processor is not powerful enough, there is too much delay between PC and tablet monitors.

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Tablets are not designed to show display signals for e.g. a PC. Usually a tablet don't has any hardware support for receiving display signals.

Hence everything has to be transmitted via IP for example as video stream. Video encoding and decoding comes at a price that the latency is much higher that a standard HDMI or DisplayPort connection which mostly transmit uncompressed data.

If you have problems with your Wifi connection you can try to use the USB connection via ADB to establish a IP connection between your PC and the tablet. In detail the following command allows you to connect a TCP port on-device with a TCP port on your PC:

adb forward tcp:5000 tcp:5000

Therefore if you configure a remote screen software to use the port specified here as forwarded port (or change the port forwarding to match the used tcp port on the software) you can get a Wifi independent connection.

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