I am trying run shell script in device boot-up time.


  1. Created shell script and placed into /system/bin/usbmountd.sh

  2. Added test.sh in inir.rc.

    service usbmountd /system/bin/usbmountd.sh
    user system
  3. Add a new Domain “usbmountd.te” in the location of device/broadcom/XXX/sepolicy/treble/ usbmountd.te

     type usbmountd, domain;
     type usbmountd_exec, exec_type, file_type;
  4. Add the Label "/system/bin/usbmountd.sh" to device/broadcom/XXX/sepolicy/treble/file_contexts

     /system/bin/usbmountd     u:object_r: _exec:s0
  5. Added in device/broadcom/xxx/sepolicy/xxx/file.te

     type usbmountd_exec, system_file_type, file_type;


[ 81% 747/921] build out/target/product/xxx/obj/ETC/sepolicy_neverallows_intermediates/sepolicy_neverallows
FAILED: out/target/product/xxx/obj/ETC/sepolicy_neverallows_intermediates/sepolicy_neverallows
/bin/bash -c "(ASAN_OPTIONS=detect_leaks=0 out/host/linux-x86/bin/checkpolicy -M -c             30 -o out/target/product/xxx/obj/ETC/sepolicy_neverallows_intermediates/sepolicy_neverallows.tmp out/target/product/xxx/obj/ETC/sepolicy_neverallows_intermediates/policy.conf ) && (out/host/linux-x86/bin/sepolicy-analyze out/target/product/xxx/obj/ETC/sepolicy_neverallows_intermediates/sepolicy_neverallows.tmp neverallow -w -f out/target/product/xxx/obj/ETC/sepolicy_neverallows_intermediates/policy_2.conf ||           ( echo \"\" 1>&2;         echo \"sepolicy-analyze failed. This is most likely due to the use\" 1>&2;            echo \"of an expanded attribute in a neverallow assertion. Please fix\" 1>&2;           echo \"the policy.\" 1>&2;            exit 1 ) ) && (touch out/target/product/xxx/obj/ETC/sepolicy_neverallows_intermediates/sepolicy_neverallows.tmp ) && (mv out/target/product/xxx/obj/ETC/sepolicy_neverallows_intermediates/sepolicy_neverallows.tmp out/target/product/xxx/obj/ETC/sepolicy_neverallows_intermediates/sepolicy_neverallows )"
device/xxx/xxx/sepolicy/treble/usbmountd.te:3:ERROR 'Duplicate declaration of type' at token ';' on line 60116:
type usbmountd_exec, exec_type, file_type;
type usbmountd, domain;
checkpolicy:  error(s) encountered while parsing configuration

The error is 'Duplicate declaration of type'

The problem is step 5 in which you declare
type usbmountd_exec, system_file_type, file_type;

You already declared that same type usbmountd_exec in step 3. So remove the duplicate declaration.

Also in step 4 it should look like this:
/system/bin/usbmountd.sh u:object_r:usbmountd_exec:s0

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