I have published a mobile game in Google Play Store. Apparently it cannot be played in China as China has banned Google. Huawei provides an alternative app store -- Huawei AppGallery. Does it mean that if I upload my game there, players from China will be able to download my game?


After going through their publication process, I can answer the question now.

The answer is yes. They give you the option to publish apps in China, on the condition you submit additional documents required by the government of China. You need also to display a Health Advice in your app prominently.

screen shot 1 enter image description here

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  • Where can I get these documents? – keaukraine May 3 at 15:49
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    I am afraid you have to get them from Chinese ministries through an agent working in China. – Chong Lip Phang May 3 at 17:09
  • As far as I can tell, health advice is mandatory for games, not apps. Furthermore I was able to publish 2 apps today without providing any further documentation than the Huawei exemption. – 3c71 Jul 7 at 19:43

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