Every time I copy and paste text on my android phone white spaces are removed, i.e.:


this is a test



The behaviour is the same no matter which app I copy/paste text from/into. I'm using LineageOS and this started happening about 2 weeks ago, but I cannot precise the exact date or which apps were installed right before it.

Any idea how to fix/debug this?

  • I'm having this issue, too. If I restart the phone, it starts working again for a while. – Nuno Pereira Jun 13 at 10:27
  • It was an app that I had installed, once removed the problem.disappeared, but the issue is that I cannot recall which app it was... If I remember later, I'll post it as an answer. Try removing opera browser or any remote desktop app (teamviewer, anydesk) if you've them installed and see if it helps. – Pedro Lobito Jun 13 at 13:15

Do you have mbway installed?

I can confirm it's mbway. If you force stop the app, copy paste starts working fine again

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  • I do have mb way installed, but that stopped happening and I still have mbway. – Pedro Lobito Nov 21 at 13:04

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