I don't have a landline, consequently my phone is my wireless router. This works well for many things, but presents some silly problems for certain specific things.

For example, apps that typically connect via WiFi on the phone to their accompanying device via a separate WiFi router won't work. The devices connect to the phone hotspot, but the accompanying apps and/or Android then don't support connecting to their devices directly from the phone.

For example: a Yi home camera or Google Home.

I could solve this by installing the app on a second phone and have that connect to the first phone hotspot via WiFi. But then I need two phones in general. Or I could have a traditional wireless modem/router just work as a router, but both defeat the point of having fewer things/less stuff.

Does anybody know of any software/app/setting/way to allow apps to "connect directly to the hotspot on the same phone"?

Without knowing much about networks, I guess it would need a soft/virtual WiFi adapter equivalent that passes requests onto the usual "hotspot" connection. I cannot see a technical reason why it should not be possible, I expect it is just an edge case that very few would want to use. Thank you.

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