Title says it all, pretty much.

A quick Google search (surprizingly) did not return any pertinent results.

I guess it might boil down to copy-pasting some system folders/files from one Android installation (via USB-C, via a PC) to the other. But I prefer not to be the guinea pig here...

(PS: I'd rather not have to revert to Firefox's "sync"-feature for various reasons... anyway, it's obvious that "sync" would work, but that's not the question here...)


  • My phone(s) aren't rooted.
  • Neither a 3rd-party app, nor a cloud-based solution is what I'm interested in.

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seems like the transfer-via-USB-route would require a rooted phone :(


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As of now, given the constraints, you cannot achieve what you have set out for.

Firefox app would be able to restore bookmarks using these methods, in the absence of a hack:

  1. native settings option to import bookmarks. This is not available in Firefox for Android as of now.
  2. Using Web Extensions/ Addons. Firefox for Android doesn't provide API support for manipulating bookmarks as of now.
  3. Read and write to its browser.db database using a universally accessible content provider. Firefox's content provider for this is not accessibly by any user other than Firefox itself.
  4. Full participation in Android Backup Service. As a result, a user can use adb to backup and restore Firefox app's data. Sadly, Firefox explicitly disallows backup as of now, so adb is also out here.
  5. Using its own implementation of cloud backup service. It does provide a sync service -- but then, you don't want that so this is also not an option anymore.

Possible hacks:

  1. copy and then restore the browser.db or into your another phone. That database contains users' bookmarks. Alternatively, use a root backup/restore solution, such as Titanium Backup.
  2. Use content provider with root access to read and write into browser.db. But if you have root access, "1." is plain and easy.

As you can see from above, your options, as of now, are: get the devices rooted, or use Firefox's sync services.

Third option is to raise a feature request with Mozilla to provide bookmarks import, and extension support for manipulation of bookmarks.

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