i accidentally formatted (soft reset) my Oppo smart phone running on android 9.0 , it has important images, now how can i recover them


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Photorec (part of testdisk) is a fantastic open source file recovery tool that's my go-to, well respected, pretty easy to use and very good at file recovery as long as the data on the drive has only been deleted, not overwritten. I think it should work for your phone then, as long as the format didn't secure delete / rezero the memory

It's a PC tool, but you can run it on your SD card in a reader, or on your phone's memory if you attach it to the PC as a USB storage device

One thing to be aware of is it will find most files in my experience, but often it loses the filenames in the process, and it dumps every file it finds on the drive into generic folders, so you might have to sift through a lot of files with the extension of the ones you need before you find them, but it is good if you need something important back



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