I have Redmi note 7s which is stuck to boot loop after uninstalling "Mi Security Centre" using adb.

Now the phone is not rebooting. I need back up of my files.

What I have tried already:

Recovery mode (Which is actually sideload mode)

Power Button + Volume Up button -> Connect with MIAssistant

When trying ADB devices: it shows

List of devices attached 8xxxxxc sideload

Please help me to get my personal files backup.

  • i can confirm MIUI is crashing even when Security Center us just disabled. seems it's a important system app. for your personal files make a backup with TWRP. after this 'adb pull -a /sdcard' (because pictures not included in backup). re-install MIUI or at least flash system partition from fastboot – alecxs Apr 23 at 12:06

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