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please tell me if this is relevant to the forum.

the problem:

I want to identify these services that appear after the upgrade to Android 10, in adjustments -> applications and notifications -> manager of permissions -> storage and other permissions. Some data:

  • model: Nokia 4,2

  • this model has the Android One distribution.

I didn't find anything in web search for this one:

  • QMMI

in the search there appear titles such as "hidden settings" or something related to Xiaomi. the others are, in total:

  • com.android.carrierconfig

  • com.qualcomm.qti.workloadclassifier

  • face

more observations:

  • the election to uninstall or disable are not available for any these.

  • until now, only user style titles appeared in permissions, such as Chrome or Foo Service, never something in the style of a kernel module foo.bar.baz

questions / ideas:

  • Is this how it should be in a valid update of Android from Google?

  • how to uninstall / to investigate: maybe I can enter a linux terminal? is it possible to create a root user with password, but not to disqualify of Android updates? also, it would be from inside the device: I would not open a server for this purpose intentionally.

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The following observation supports a conclusion that this no more than a quirk of the last system update:

According to this link to an Android package QMMI, it seems that this is created by HMD Global the company that produces Nokia.

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