I doubt this will change anything but thought I would bring up issues that I am having.

I bought a new phone from Verizon a month ago, the Samsung A50. I bought it because of the MicroSD card. It originally loaded all of my external devices fine(exfat, ext2, ntfs). Today all of them stopped working in perfect harmony and whenever I insert any external storage it prompts me to format the medium and auto formats to FAT 32 which has a maximum file size of 4G and is totally unacceptable.

Unfortunately this phenomena is not the first time this has happened. Several months ago this exact same issue happened on my lg q7 plus on a totally different carrier, Tmobile. When I called Tmobile, they assured me they were aware of the issue and promised me that I was not the only one. I've scoured online forums since then and not a peep from anybody else regarding this issue.

It is not the microsd cards either. On both devices I have plugged in usb sticks via a USB C adapter and it says the same thing about needing to format the device.

The last time this started, it was post an android update. This time, no update.

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