I have found some documentation (HDR Video Playback) how to display HDV video content on HDR-supported phones. But how to display HDR image (16bit PNG or EXR or create HDR content Bitmap and display) ?

The only one information I have found is here.

  • Hello 404pio. Are you asking this question as a developer or as an end-user? Developer/programming oriented questions are off-topic here. – Firelord Apr 24 at 13:54
  • Mainly as a developer - so this question should be closed. But partially as an end-user - so we do not need to close:) – 404pio Apr 24 at 21:26
  • I'm a bit curious about what it means by "showing HDR image"? An image is a static object, so it's displayed as-is on the image reader. Also, HDR is usually done on post-processing, so the final image is just a static image with common formats (e.g. PNG, JPG, etc.)... unless you mean to mix multiple images with different exposure to achieve HDR? Otherwise, some image editors (like Google's Snapseed) have a feature to simulate HDR with its own algorithm. – Andrew T. Apr 24 at 23:48
  • HDR is large topic. Let's say that I have already HDR image (I do not care from where it is - google app or highend camera). I want to display it as good as device can. So the device and the application should read image to 16-bit depth data and metadata to use proper color transfer characteristic, color primaries, colorspace, color_range (like in videos) – 404pio Apr 26 at 22:01

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