I have an LG X-charge phone whose screen is broken, but still functional. I purchased a replacement screen module, but before going ahead on the "open heart surgery", I want to fully back it up. I have another X-charge which is not in use.

I'd like to make a backup on my PC and restore it to the fixed phone, if necessary, or the new phone, if the first one dies.

Can I transfer all of the content of the broken phone to the other one? By "all" I mean all media files, messages history, call history, applications, etc. IOW, make a full, restoreable, copy (to whatever extent possible) of the broken phone.

Also, it will be great to be able to access data from the backup (images, messages) on my PC.

Oh, yeah - and preferably, this should be a free solution.

  • Have you seen How do I backup data (SMS/contacts) from a device with a broken screen? Also, several more helpful links can be found in the recovery section of our broken-screen tag wiki. – Izzy Apr 24 at 22:34
  • @Izzy - No, it did not come up in my search. But looking at it, it seems to concentrate on the messages and contacts part. I'd like to have a complete backup that will let me restore either of the phones to the state before attempting the screen fix. The screen itself is not the main point here, but rather the backup, but I'll have a look at the tag you suggested. – ysap Apr 24 at 22:50
  • you can adb pull -a /sdcard this will at least backup your Internal Storage. MyPhoneExplorer is useful for SMS and contacts. Unfortunately there is no way for complete backup, but you can adb backup -all (leave password blank) and restore to other device, this will give you a good base to start figuring out which apps are missing android.stackexchange.com/q/224285 – alecxs Apr 24 at 23:23
  • 1
    Depending on the point-of-view (and which answer you're looking at), it shows ways to work around the "broken display" – so you can apply solutions as if that restriction would not be there. Like, enabling ADB access (which would need the screen) for adb backup (here I'd be careful restoring a "full backup" to another device unless it's the same brand, model and ROM; my tool Adebar would a.o. help you to a "modular backup" just in case). – Izzy Apr 25 at 13:54
  • Update: for lack of time to do the required research and learning of the suggested solutions, I ended up using the Vysor application to mirror the phone's screen on my PC and then conveniently taking snapshots of the important SMS histories, and doing simple file copy over USB of my data files. – ysap Apr 28 at 14:39

LG provides different Software (or maybe just different names)
- LG-Bridge
- LG PC Suite
- LG Mobile Switch

For experts also there is LGUP flash tool which may shipped with qualcomm factory loader, with this you may able to create/restore full partition dump, root the device without data loss, or install TWRP via EDL mode

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  • Thanks for the pointers. Looking at the LG website, it seems like each one of those provide a partial solution, and I am not sure if any lets you backup your SMSs and MMSs. – ysap Apr 27 at 14:12
  • SMSBackupRestore or MyPhoneExplorer – alecxs Apr 27 at 14:37

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