So I have an android phone, and I wanted to download some files on it that are not currently accessible from my PC (corporate firewall). The thinking is that once the files are on the phone, I can easily connect the PC to the phone to access the files. The problem I have is that the phone refuses to download the files, claiming that

"Cannot Download.  The content is not supported on this phone."

So how can I get the content onto the phone? I know the phone will be unable to run these files meaningfully; I just want them downloaded and stored for later access.


If it's a file from a website, you should probably try to use a different browser. Opera Mini for example uses a different download manager (not the native one) so it doesn't refuse to download any files.

If you want to move them over from a PC, try some of those methods.

  • Quite correct; the Opera Mini browser downloaded the files with no problem, and saved them on the SD card. – GWLlosa Oct 20 '10 at 15:22

The ASTRO file manager has an option "Allow the Web browser to download any type of file". I think that does what you (and me and everybody else) wants, but haven't tried it yet.


use awesome drop. You only need to install the awesome drop app from the market, then go to http://labs.dashwire.com/drop, and then enter the pin given in the webpage to your app, et voila you can transfer any file from your PC to phone over the internet.

edit: there is an intro video here.

  • That looks like useful software, but it assumes that I already have the file, and want to move it to the phone. Actually, I don't have the file, and want to download it onto my phone from a remote webserver. Good link though! – GWLlosa Oct 19 '10 at 21:31

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