Knowing which processor you have is very important to make sure you are downloading the right files. One app, nowadays, has multiple versions for multiple processors so that it runs smoothly on each and every phone available. If you only install apps from the Google play store then knowing which CPU architecture your phone has is not necessary, but if you sideload apps then this information is required as CPU architecture is becoming a factor in more and more scenarios these days, including certain sideloaded app updates and, of course, custom ROMs and Gapps.

As of now, there are three main CPU architectures used in Android smartphones

  • ARM: ARMv7 or armeabi
  • ARM64: AArch64 or arm64
  • x86: x86 or x86abi

There are a couple of 3rd party apps to find CPU architecture found from this article

  • Inware
  • Droid Hardware Info
  • My Device – Device info

My question is that can't we find the CPU architecture of the android phone without installing any apps.

For Android 9+

The device I'm Using Poco X2



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