I created a local backup of my apps in my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 before installing another MIUI ROM.


During transfer of that backup to PC or some other way(I don't know how!) the descript.xml file is missing from backup folder so now the local backup app in phone isn't showing the files for restore.


  1. How to create the descript.xml file?


  1. I checked the layout of file by taking a short settings feature backup and seeing its XML file but it's very complicated and requires a lot of information about .bak file!..Can anyone share a layout type so that I can create a .XML file?


  1. Suggest any app that converts .bak files to apk with keeping there data. Or installs the bak files directly as apps in phone!

I really need those apps data. Its really important.

  • I assume you were using some Xiaomi tool for creating the backup. Does this tool run on-device or on your PC? – Robert May 6 at 7:28
  • @Robert the tool is available for backup to local storage in settings app itself. I don't think it can be used in PC. – Pragyan May 6 at 12:08

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