NOTE: I asked a similar question here several days ago, but I was told to re-post it to "Stack Exchange Software Recommendations", which I did. Now, I posted this current question to "Stack Exchange Software Recommendations", but I was told to re-post it here. I hope this current question indeed will now be accepted here.

I know that I can use adb from my desktop computer to take a backup of my sdcard ...

adb pull /sdcard/ .

This downloads everything from my sdcard to the specified directory on my desktop machine. However, I'm wondering if there is some way to download in an rsync-like manner: i.e., only downloading and updating files that have actually changed between my device's sdcard and the directory on the desktop machine.

Or is there perhaps a non-adb-based way to do this?

Also, I want to initiate this from the desktop machine, not the Android device.

Any ideas?

PS: This is an Android-10 device, a OnePlus 7Pro (GM-1917) running OOS 10.3.2. However, the answer to my question is probably unrelated to that, since it has to do more with adb than the android device itself.

Thanks in advance.


Per the comment by alecxs, above, adb-sync gives me the functionality I'm looking for: https://github.com/google/adb-sync

Some day I'll also try Adebar.

Thanks to alecxs!

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