Teamviewer's quick support or Anydesk,etc do not work for remote controlling a device with android 9 or pie. I know it's a pie only thing because I've tried on a android 6, 5 and jellybean device and it worked fine. I'm assuming this is due to one of the changes brought in pie.

I've searched for any information on this, going past blog articles and youtube videos that explain how to remote control a device, but they again use a non-pie device, as a further proof to this, and not a single place uses pie or addresses any of this anywhere. Other forums also don't seem to contain any information on this. Either that or google is geo-restricting my search results. Either way, I'm not getting anything that addresses the cause of the problem here.

My device is poco f1, a xiaomi device. Teamviewer does not support Xiaomi. Pie is 3 years old now, there is no way that no one noticed this earlier. Do other pie users from other manufacturers not have this problem? If so, custom Roms should fix it right? I know I'm missing something here that I just can't find.

  • Teamviewer is widely used by scammers. if you want to remote control your own device there are solutions like scrcpy – alecxs May 7 at 19:42
  • Nice software recommendation, but scrcpy is a pc to android tool, I'm looking for android to android remote control. – Rick May 8 at 1:47
  • Teamviewer AFAIK only because of the device/manufacturer specific extension. If Xiaomi is not supported then this is the reason why it does not work. No TeamViewer Xiaomi extension, no remote control. Those extensions are signed as system app and therefore has the permissions do do something no regular app can do. – Robert May 8 at 7:11
  • I know that teamviewer will not work. But what about other apps or other method? Does teamviewer not working indicate that other apps won't either? There must be other users with pie from other manufacturers, what about them? Does remote control work for them? If so then I'll understand that this is a Xiaomi thing, nothing to do with Android versions and I'll remove this thread from here and go to Xiaomi or pocophone forums. My use case is, I have a snapdragon 845 phone that I want to use as a cpu and a tablet as a monitor. Is there a way to achieve this other than this method? – Rick May 8 at 11:08
  • idk but try Allcast or look on alternative app recommendation sites – alecxs May 8 at 11:23

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