I am not a Android or a Java developer by any means, but I need some pointers,on the subject as per question title.

After a long and exhaustive search, It seems like to establish a network connection to a Bluetooth PAN device, one should switch off mobile data and wifi (if connected) to force the OS to route / allow traffic to the PAN device.

My plan is to connect to the PAN network with a Android app, send a HTTPS request, get a response and disconnect.

I created my app so far that it can scan for devices and list them, send a HTTPS request.

But, I cannot find any good enough examples that can help me to "connect" to a PAN device, by means of a hidden API android.BluetoothPan class that is only available through reflection.

Next thing I will do is, try to see if the Bluetooth PAN show up in Network or Connection Manager, if I connect by the "Settings" method of connection, to use the Internet connection.

How would one then send a HTTPS request through the PAN interface, while having mobile data and wifi enabled?

I would like to do this without root.

  • Take note that app development is off-topic since Android Enthusiasts focuses on end-users or power-users (but not necessarily developers) solving their issues. While we might help to give solutions for setting/modification on the Android device directly (if exists), we cannot help on the code-related side. – Andrew T. May 8 at 3:51

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