Recently I rooted my phone and I changed system emoji (while having a custom font; I don't know any way how to combine custom emoji with a custom font other than rooting).

To do this, I used this app which requires root. The version in the link should be safe to install, but later versions are known to be fraudulent as mentioned here. The later versions drain one's battery by showing the ads to "bots".

Nevertheless, after rooting, everything worked properly, except Android Pay refuses to work on my rooted phone. There were ways how to circumvent the "root check", though Google seems to fight against them continuously.

The question is, will the custom emoji be preserved when I unroot my phone?

And, just a side question, will the custom emoji be preserved when I uninstall the app (maybe it could preserve the emoji being actually used)?

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    Unrooting and locking the bootloader will preserve the changes but make your phone unbootable. The latest Google Safety net check can't be bypassed hence you have to decide Google pay or the Emoji Switcher both in one device is no longer possible. – Robert May 12 '20 at 18:49

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