Methods used on Desktop version don't work. I have both browser.urlbar.decodeURLsOnCopy=true and network.standard-url.escape-utf8=false and URLs are still encoded.

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    Thank you for the suggestion. While it's perfectly valid for a lot of users my greatest problem is that it's much harder to edit these URLs: any non-ASCII char takes three times more space and really hard to distinguish. Also, I personally dislike URL shorteners because it's much harder to know what you are opening. However I don't think that any other solution is coming any time soon so I'll accept your solution if you post it as answer until anything better is found.
    – int_ua
    Commented May 13, 2020 at 5:07

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This seems to be an old bug as reported here. I did not find any other bug report that specifically relates to Android for this problem (Edit:OP has created a feature request)

A url shortner such as Tiny url add-on may be an alternative, till a better solution is found, keeping in mind the reservations of OP in comments


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