I'm a teacher. I use a portable personal amplifier in my class to make me louder. I was wondering whether it is possible to connect a Bluetooth mic and a Bluetooth speaker to an Android device and then redirect the input from the Bluetooth mic to the Bluetooth speaker. If it's possible, how to do it? Thanks.

  • Thanks, I'll try them. Did it work for you ? May 15 '20 at 16:37
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    I'll test when I have time and I'll share the results May 15 '20 at 16:53
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    I started testing them today. I tested 3-4 apps. All of them had a considerable lag, which I thought was useless, then I stopped testing the rest. Jun 5 '20 at 9:07
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    @beeshyams I tried this app- play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=wimlog.com.myandroidtest4 to get audio from my phone's mic and to transmit it to bluetooth. I turned on bluetooth mono router and then used the app I've mentioned above. The lag is still present. I think getting audio and routing it to bluetooth introduces this lag. Thanks for you suggestion thoughđź‘Ť Aug 9 '20 at 12:32
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    [Use Android device as BT speaker - see Victor's answer]( (android.stackexchange.com/questions/5796/…)
    – beeshyams
    Aug 23 '20 at 10:36

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