Icons in the quick settings panel look like:

enter image description here

But instead I would like to make the icons smaller:

enter image description here

How can I condense the icons in the quick settings panel on Android?

Interestingly the two above screenshots were on the same unrooted phone, but it was the first time I saw the small icons, and it reverted back to the normal sized icons the next day. No idea what happened.


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The screenshot show the "quick settings panel" with "tiles" for actions.

The number of "tiles" per row is defined by ROM and you can't change that (unless your ROM provides a setting for doing that). If your device is rooted, there could be solutions. This is defined by a system UI property quick_settings_min_num_tiles (not sure if it is ROM dependent)

Gravity Box EdXposed module is one way to do this on rooted devices (See this How to install EdXposed on Android 10 without triggering safety net)

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