I wanted to have manual live voice modification during call on my Android device, But since android doesn't provide access to modify low latency audio so there aren't any such apps that could fulfill my purpose.

Eventually I thought that it'd be better if I could run the voice change software in my laptop, and transmit live audio from it to my Android. (much like how a Bluetooth headset would during a call).

However, these are the 2 ways I thought I could use to implement my idea - ( I'm using Clownfish in both of them as the voice changer, and I'm currently running Windows 10 pro March Update, and MIUI 11 based on Android V9)

  1. Through 'Your Phone' app

So the app did connect my laptop as a Bluetooth headset to my phone (more like a mic for calls). And it surely does the job but as soon as I turn clown fish ON it starts disconnecting from it and the phone changes to take audio from it's own mic.

It'd be great if u could provide any helpful insights on this, so that we may find a solution. _/_

  1. Through Hardware.

I'm sorry but I'm just a 10th standard student so I don't know much about these equipments and The idea I have is just basically a simple thought.

Can I use a 3.5mm audio splitter ( to mic and headphone) on both My laptop and My phone,

And then use 'Listen to Audio' option in mic settings to transmit my LAPTOP MIC audio to the phone, by Connecting the Laptop's Speaker output to Phone's mic Input?

(And use the Phone's Speaker output in a normal headset to listen to the call)

So that the phone recognises it as an ordinary headset and doesn't disconnect.

That's pretty much it, of all I have thought, But the main aim here is to just achieve live voice modification during call on android (possibly via pc)

I thank Ü with all my heart If u came this far and read it. Thank Ü so much if u are willing to help __/__

P. S. - I'm new to the forum so please forgive me if I may have unknowingly committed any mistakes in writing this 🙏🏻

Edit - I also realised that I could also buy a normal 4g modem to directly use my Sim card to call from my PC. I guess that should work, any insights? :)

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