When your android S9 phone has already once connected to a WiFI network, it automatically saves the password/SSID and will connect to that WiFI everytime when you turn on WiFI on your phone.

Is it somehow possible to force android not to connect automatically to any saved WiFI network? It can still save WiFI passwords, but I like to manually click on the WiFI network, only then it should connect. Maybe there are multiple wifi networks in the same area and I would like to prevent it from connecting automatically to any of them, I should decide everytime to which one I like to connect.


  • In my Android 9 device if I scroll down the list of Wifis then an option becomes visible named "Wifi preferences" -> then "Advanced" -> "Connect automatically". Then a list of all saved Wifis appears where I can enable/disable automatic Wifi connection. In Android 11 (emulator) the option is moved into the "Saved Networks" settings. Open the Wifi and disable the "Auto connect" option. – Robert May 19 '20 at 8:58

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