So, I wanted to replace the stock boot animation that comes with Evolution X since it is kind of boring, but the problem was that I couldn't find the /system/media/ directory in any root browser or even the file manager built within TWRP. I just need to know where I can find the bootanimation.zip file in Evolution X, and if there are any further steps required to change it other than just backing up the original boot animation and replacing it.

Specifics: I'm running the latest official build of Evolution X for zerofltexx (Samsung Galaxy S6) with MagiskRoot and a few Magisk Modules.

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Try to do a search in the root explorer.you will get the location System/product/media Thanks -redminote5pro -evolutionx 4.3

  • Thanks! I'm guessing I will have to replace bootanimation-dark.zip as well as bootanimation.zip?
    – iamkneel
    Jun 25, 2020 at 6:32

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