Hi there i hope someone can help me. I gave my old mobile to my son. Samsung S8. He put his sim card in this phone. Since he downloaded viber this is for some reason connected to my viber on my new devise. For some reason some of my contacts (not all) they call my number on viber but is ringing on my sons phone and he answers! if they send me a viber message I get it and not my son though! We have no idea how this has happened and how to fix it!

  • Android allows to uninstall an app but keep the user data. If you later re-install the app the user data is already present and linked to the old account. I would recommend to clear the Viber app and cache data and the uninstall the app. Reboot the device and the re-install it via PlayStore. – Robert May 20 at 13:09
  • How did you migrate from the old phone to the new phone? May be some internal ID like the ANDROID_ID was cloned from the old to the new phone and now both phones have the same ID and can't be distinguished. If that is the case only a factory reset of the old phone can help (before doing so remove all Google accounts from the device via settings -> accounts). – Robert May 20 at 13:11

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