My phone is the 2015 model of Samsung A5. It claims that I have my memory full so I deleted all my apps, disabled apps and cleared all my photos. (Literally everything) Yet it still claims that my memory is full, like installing a game on playstorethen playstore said "delete one of your applications below" when thereading is literally NOTHING installed and no photos and other stuff (because I literally deleted them all).

I checked what is filling up my space and I found out that out of 16 gb of phone storage, my system memory occupied 15 gb and only 1 is left for running caches (like google).

I have and SD card 32 GB) but NO FILES can be put there because I literally deleted everything. Plus (maybe because I was careless) I don't know how to set apps installed to go directly go to my SD card instead of going to the phone storage where I can't put crap.

And it's also worth mentioning that my camera is disabled because "I have no space" or "unfortunately,camera has stopped" and gallery is disabled too because "I have no space"

So I wanted to know how to do I reduce the amount of system memories taken or is there some other kind of problem on my phone?

*if you ask if I consulted a phone technician, yes I have (but I don't know if it's valid if the technician is your relative) And she said she can't figure out why and suspects it has a problem with the phone's chip

Please if anyone know any information about this let me know....

  • If nothing helps also remove all accounts in settings (especially the Google account) and then perform a factory reset. – Robert May 23 at 14:33

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