I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+. I manage different email addresses, one of them is managed from a G Suite account. When I connect this account, my phone is installing a work profile, if I cancel during the work profile installation, I can not use my account. With the work profile, everything is separate (Gmail, Google Drive, ...), this is not really easy to use. I want to have this account as a personal account and not a work account.

I tried to remove it by following Pause or turn on your work profile, but on my phone, going to Settings > Accounts, I only have my personal accounts and can not see "Work profile settings"

I have another account managed with G Suite but I do not have this problem.

I also have access to G Suite if the solution is to deactivate it there.


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I found the solution.

In Gsuite console

Need to go in Devices > setup (on the left menu) > mobile device management

And disable the functionality

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