well,i didnt care to put it in rice and stuff and instead bought a new one(i didnt charge it,neither did i switch it on)....but now when i tried to switch it on(after a few years) it does work.touch is all good.the only problem is the display.when turned on it works for some time but then suddenly goes all black...but when the screen is pressed a little,or twisted a little,or patted on the hands(just like a remote whose batteries wont work)it goes on again...what can i do?(i want to use the phone but dont want to spent on it(i know some tech stuff)

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    watch youtube how to disassemble and clean all connector contacts with alcohol, isopropanol, nail polish remover or something. another good idea is to enable usb-debugging and OEM unlocking as long as display is working – alecxs May 30 '20 at 14:48
  • Thank you alecxs – Aditya Pandey Jun 1 '20 at 1:22

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