The GPS is sporadically enabled on my phone without my consent or even a notification. I have to keep an eye on it and turn it off when I notice it's on. Is there a "global" setting I can use to prevent this or at least ensure I get a notification when it's about to be enabled?

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    Depending on your Android version and device you can usually check the last apps that have accessed your location in Settings -> Security -> Location
    – Robert
    Jun 3, 2020 at 8:15
  • There seems to be a great variation across Android/device versions. I found a switch under Settings->Connections->Location which is currently turned off. I'll take a look at this next time GPS comes on-I haven't explicitly enabled this myself.
    – mhaselup
    Jun 3, 2020 at 8:24
  • Just to make sure, are you sure this is specifically a GPS lock request, not just any location service request (e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth, cellular network)? Also, mentioning the device model might help.
    – Andrew T.
    Jun 3, 2020 at 14:57
  • @Andrew T. The GPS symbol is highlighted when this occurs and I have to explicitly disable it in settings. Device model is Samsung Note 8.
    – mhaselup
    Jun 3, 2020 at 15:31

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as suggested in comment seems to come close to what OP wants.

Many automation apps are available. I prefer using MacroDroid , since it is free (upto 5 macros) and easy to learn. To understand how MacroDroid works and required settings, my answer here

Your macro would look like this

  • Macro : GPS on Alert (name of macro )

Trigger: GPS enabled/disabled →*GPS enabled *


  • Display Notification → Enter the desired text. I suggest you choose hour, minute and second to pinpoint the exact time

  • Speak text - enter the desired text

Constraints: None ( Macro runs always )

This will not tell you when it is about to be enabled but tells you after it is enabled.

Once you have the time stamp, use an app or other methods suggested in & to try and pinpoint the app causing it (read their tag wiki's by clicking on learn more). Disable or uninstall such app(s)

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