When you turn on GPS and some app subscribes for GPS notifications, GPS status info shows up with "SAT", "SIG" and "TTF" info (the last one I know, Time To Fix) but what is the meaning of the first two and what is the meaning of the numbers/symbols (like infinity) shown up next to them?

Update: example of the Android GPS status:

SAT 0/2 | SIG 19/∞ | TTF 27s

The last one means "it took 27s (so far) to acquire GPS signal". I don't know about the first two ones and all those numbers.

  • Android developers defines the standard parameters GPS Status to be used by apps.

  • Apps can obviously provide more than the minimum information, as in the case of GPS Status & Toolbox, whose help page and Android documentation put together help decipher.

    • SAT 0/2 Number of satellites: GPS in use [+ GLONASS in use] / Total visible. So your phone could detect 2 Satellites but none were used to get a fix (indoors or yet to acquire fix?). This likely corresponds to getMaxSatellites in the documentation.

    • SIG 19/∞ Average signal to noise ratio (0-40dB). This corresponds to getsnr in the documentation. The second value is the Dilution of Precision value . You were surely indoors or fix just started, so without fix the error of the position is . Linked wiki says readings having value >20 should be discarded.

    • TTF 27s is getTimeToFirstFix meaning the time required to receive the first fix since the most recent restart of the GPS engine.


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