To provide some context: I own a Huawei P10 (VTR-L09), EMUI-Version 9.1.0, Android Version 9. I have a contract with a subcontractor of O2. At home I have a landline + DSL contract with Telekom and I run a FritzBox 7490 router. I removed already all the Fritz App software from my phone just to ensure this isn't the source of the problem.

As in the title formulated my problem is that when I am at home, I may do (which is the more appropriate word for starting calls?) calls and receive them and I hear everything perfectly my connectivity is also perfect but nobody hears me.

My mic works when I leave my home, it works for any kind of records (even at home). Therefore I am completely out of ideas how to fix the problem...

  • Have you tried to disable Wifi when at home? Does the microphone then work? May be you have activated Voice-over-Wifi in settings. – Robert Jun 10 at 11:00

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