Downloaded Sophos Intercept X today cause my Chrome browser kept opening to https://web.bwanet.ca all of a sudden + all my open tabs were gone.

Is it due to Sophos? If so, is there a specific feature in the Sophos app that can stop future hijacks?

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Not sure about the Sophos download, but as far as bwanet is concerned, on several online forums (see below) people mention that if your phone is from Bell/Virgin, then that is who is "hijacking" your home page to bwanet.

The solution is to go into your browser settings and change the home page Bell/Virgin sets upon every browser install.

I gathered this from the following pages:


First it is totally unclear why the tabs are gone. Can be anything between a simple bug in the web browser or a sophisticated attack.

And second nobody knows what bugs and vulnerabilities are hidden in the browsers you mentioned and additionally what bugs and vulnerabilities are introduced in the next version.

Hence from my perspective the only answer you can get is NO. Nothing can prevent or stop unknown problems in a constantly updated software browsing constantly changing web sites.

You can always protect yourself only against known problems. This also applies to software like Sophos Intercept X.

  • well on windows desktop years ago i remember lots of software that worked well to stop browser hijacker malware, but on android i'm unfamiliar with which part of the anti-virus/malware apps work to protect browsers.
    – verve
    Jun 22, 2020 at 0:46

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