I was trying to root my Micromax Q440 and I tried to follow the steps ie;

1: fastboot flash recovery c:\twrp.img 2: fastboot flash boot c:\magisk_patched.img

but in the 2nd step, I used recovery instead of boot as a result my phone is currently stuck on "Powered by Android" screen and none of the Power + Volume(up) functions are working.

It also shows Orange State and your device will boot in 5 seconds

Is there a way to recover or this device is gone forever..?

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    orange state is just a warning that bootloader is unlocked (ignore). magisk has changed usage. before patching boot.img select advanced settings - preserve force encryption then try again. you can do it on any device. undo at any time by flashing original boot.img + recovery.img from fastboot (Vol-Dn + Power) – alecxs Jun 21 at 16:15

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