Many apps used by smartbands/watches have no option to export your personal data, so you can't process/visualize, store, or migrate to other app.

Also I know that some fitness apps for android apps allow the data export to external files as excel, such as Withings healthmate can sync data with its "cloud/server" and from their webpage you can export data to excel.

For Dafit and other fitness apps with export/import :

Do you know apps/options/methods to extract its data?

Do you know apps to process/convert data from different apps ? /convert this


Though i haven't found specific apps I found method for "powerusers".

Dafit stores its information in plain text inside a SQlite database files, there are several tables with apparently no relationship (maybe from code there are few relations).

How to extract/process the data:

  1. Extract data file from Android
  • Option1. Find the data folder (from android), copy&paste to accessible folder ¿root req?
  • Option2. Do a backup (titanium backup, oandbackup,...) and unzip the content of backup to a folder
  1. Open file with a SQLlite tool
  2. Export to spreadsheet/excel tables and process/transform there
  3. Process/transform using SQL queries.
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