We are using Android devices within office network and these devices will be used by operators for daily day-to-day operation activities. Currently, these Android devices are connected to Office Wifi network and the password of the Wifi will be set up by our IT Team (Globally across many offices we use the same Wifi password) and so this password should be secured and should never be exposed.

Now, because in the recent version of Android, operators can view the password easily and they connect to the Wifi with their personal devices. This is a security issue, as any application/site that is browsed in the operator's phone has direct access to our office network.

How can we resolve this issue?

We have tried the following solutions

  1. Installing AppLock and Startup Manager > This does not solve our problem as when we restart the device, Wifi settings are accessible once again as these applications will take some time to start in the mobile devices.

Any good solution for the above problem is good as we have stopped providing mobile devices because of this issue and reverting back our operations in old paper based process.

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    See answers here for some pointers. Captive portal perhaps suits organizational needs best – beeshyams Jun 26 '20 at 8:49
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    May be you should use this topic and push your boss towards an Wifi that uses WPA enterprise / 802.11x authentication based on (user) accounts. Once set-up it works like a common WPA2-PSK system. – Robert Jun 26 '20 at 8:50

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