Nexus 7 2012 (grouper). Was running stock ROM (4.4.4), could connect via USB (e.g., as MTP for file transfer) and use adb).

Installed Lineage OS 15 (8/O). (Couldn't install any GApps at all because the system partition is too small.) fastboot works as it should when booted into the bootloader. abd works when it's booted into recover.

However, adb does not work when the tablet is started up and running LineageOS. Nor does it appear as a disc drive. In fact it doesn't even appear in Device Manager. Windows doesn't make its noise when the device is plugged in (it does make its noise when connecting it in the bootloader and in recovery).

Developer options enabled:

  • Android debugging is on,
  • Root access is ADB only,
  • Select USB Configuration is MTP.

It has to be something to do with LineageOS. Any ideas?


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I have same problem when I install Lineage 14 try tablet on another fresh windows pc that this tablet never connected before if tablet worked in MTP. Then try this steps:

  1. Go to Windows Device Manager
  2. Check View hidden devices from view
  3. Find installed drivers from tablet and uninstall them all.

This is demonstration gif:


Just installed Lineage 14 (N/7) and it's working normally, so it must be a problem with LineageOS 15 (lineage-15.1-20200522-UNOFFICIAL-grouper.zip to be precise).


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