I accidentally deleted some system files ( I was on adb connection) .

And lock screen stopped working right after.

The issue is that, I have a lock pin/pattern/password, but system says, it's not correct password. I changed my password with removing password files from system, and set a new password. But the error was same, incorrect password. I tried to flash ROM, but it didn't help.After flashing ROM , abd and TWRP broke too, because of the password issue. Also I can't add custom ssl certificates, because the password problem .

Samsung Galaxy s7, Android 9 with Hyper ROM (Galaxy Note port).

What should I do to repair my system files?


If you have access to the /data/system folder you should delete


all of them who existing.

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  • I removed them to cancel lock screen, but I have to set a password for adding custom ssl certificates. So, I need that. – user3369359 Jun 29 at 9:20
  • if you delete this files you can go to settings and set a new password – lucki1000 Jun 29 at 9:28
  • Dear friend, I already know my password. The issue about password checking mechanism. – user3369359 Jun 29 at 9:36
  • After I set a new password, it throwing same error; incorrect password. – user3369359 Jun 29 at 9:45
  • Did you try a dirty flash?, or if you know which files you deleted on hyper rom you can try to extract them from the flashable zip and replace them. – lucki1000 Jun 29 at 12:56

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