Is there any option that doesn't allow me to install a specific app from the Play Store ever again on that device? How can I do that?

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    if that app has an age limit of 13+ then you can install that app and turn on parental controls in play store..then that app will disappear from your play store..but this will not work for all apps – Srinivas V Jun 29 at 14:37
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    I have not tried it but theoretically it should be possible to side-load an app that has the same package name as the PlayStore app. This dummy side-loaded app should then block any installation of the app from Play Store. May be someone known an app generator that creates apps of a very small size and allows to specify the packageName? – Robert Jun 29 at 14:59
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    @Robert Tasker App Factory at your service. :-) – Firelord Jun 29 at 17:22

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