Everyone knows that visiting a website like ebay.com on a mobile device doesn't feel as smooth and snappier as looking and browsing through ebay using the ebay mobile app.

The mobile app experience is just more smoother, snappier and much more responsive than the web version on mobile. I've noticed some lag between clicks and responses when accessing ecommerce sites on mobile browsers.

On the other hand, on their eCommerce mobile apps counterparts, there is no lag or delay, the response is almost instantaneous,

Keeping in mind that both mobile app version and web browser versions both load content from the server , why do eCommerce mobile apps provide a much better experience ?

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    It's the api, every app has api built in so that it doesn't have to fetch everything from scratch from the servers, only what's necessary, making it more snappier to use. On mobile web browsers, the site has to be fetched from scratch when you first pay a visit to, making it slower. – honeymoly Sep 22 '20 at 5:00

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