I have a Oneplus Two phone which fell down in just the right (or wrong..) way a couple of years ago and the volume and power buttons were smashed. I managed to use it for a while just without letting run out of battery but eventually moved on to another phone. Now I'm trying to see if I can somehow revive it or if I should sell it for parts. I remember I did install some app (likely Gravity Screen) that would supposedly turn the phone on when moved, but it doesn't seem to do anything. The phone is otherwise charging just fine, I just can't turn it back on.

  • If the phone is really off no app can turn it on. Try to connect to a charger, some phones start booting with charger attached. – Robert Jul 1 at 19:40
  • Unfortunately, while it does start charging, it doesn't power up when connected with a charger. Thanks for the info! – Exci Jul 2 at 9:56

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