So, i have a LG phone and i don't know what LG do with his systems, but when i open a game that needs better performance, and if a open it on the default way (just click on the game in the menu) i have less FPS than if i open it with a chinese app called Avatar Master that kind of emulates a second Android, so, this override the settings that LG put on his apps when opened in the default way, the difference is huge when i test in games like COD MOBILE, i have more or less 20FPS+ openning the game this way

So i know this is seems to be very weird and complex but someone know what can cause this issue? And how can i solve it? Or knows another app more clean that can override the default launch settings of an app?

  • It is possible that this "Avatar Master" emulates a device with lower graphics capabilities and therefore your game uses lower resolution images and deactivates some 3D features which end up in a higher FPS with a reduced render quality. . – Robert Jul 6 at 14:56
  • I'm almost sure that is not the case, yes the Avatar Master kind of emulates another device and i can choose between emulate my own device or another device, but i already tested and even emulating my own device the performance is better. Another thing, when i start the game in the default way, pop ups a message normally from LG devices "Disable alerts while gaming" but when i start from Avatar Master this message dosnt appear. – João H Jul 6 at 15:05
  • And i really didn't noticed any graphics difference when using emulated device. – João H Jul 6 at 15:06

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