I tried to flash the ROM for Lineage 16 to my Samsung Note 2 N7100 (t03g) with TWRP custom bootloader, but there was an error which was:

Installing zip file '/sdcard/lineage-16-20200104-UNOFFICIAL-n7100.zip'
Checking for Digest file...
Unmounting System...
Warning: No file_contexts
Target: samsung/t03gxx/t03g:4.3/JSS15J/N71000XXUEMK4:user/release-keys
detected filesystem ext4 for /dev/block/mmcblk0p13
Patching system image unconditionally...
mkdir "/cache/recovery/8833b259bb088b2e13f62771d46006a40f54bc20/" failed: No such file or directory
E1001: Failed to update system image.
Updater process ended with ERROR: 7
Error installing zip file '/sdcard/lineage-16-20200104-UNOFFICIAL-n7100.zip'
Updating partition details...

What I've tried to solve the problem were:

  • unzipping and rezipping the file
  • deleting the assert lines in /META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script
  • rezipping after deleting asserts

They still failed to fix the error. In between attempts I've wiped the cache, Dalvik, system, data as normal. Since ERROR: 7 is a very general problem, I think the problem is on line mkdir "/cache/recovery/8833b259bb088b2e13f62771d46006a40f54bc20/" failed: No such file or directory but for the life of me can't figure out what it means. I'm certain that mkdir is supposed to create a new directory from scratch, so I find the "No such file or directory" very odd.

I'm using Comico Team's custom ROM and TWRP version 3.4.0. At first I did want to ask over there but the creators seemed to be unresponsive. So, anyone here know how to fix this?


in TWRP go to advanced > terminal, then create /cache/recovery with

mkdir /cache/recovery

solved the problem for me

  • 4
    You sir deserve a medal, or beer or coffe, whatever you fancy! You just saved my day! Such a simple solution to a problem I first feared to have bricked my device.
    – Thorian93
    Oct 16 '20 at 9:59
  • Thank you so much!
    – Karen
    Nov 29 '20 at 16:10

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