I have Samsung Galaxy S10(android 10) and I use two keyboard layouts, finnish and english. got this annoying problem with keyboard.

I have set finnish by default.

When I open chrome and start to write to address bar keyboard is english by default, I always have to change the language to finnish and if I open Google site and write to search box, the keyboard layout is finnish. Same problem is with Gmail every writebox, even it has translation in finnish.

Same problem is with numerous apps if they have no translation to finnish. I think that there is something to do with.. like in html code has meta language tag.

I have reseted all settings, but I have not done factory reset.

I have used galaxy s7 edge(android 8) and galaxy s8(android 10) with same keyboard settings without problems.

Edit: I am using Samsung Keyboard

  • Hi, just to clarify, what is the keyboard you are using? Samsung Keyboard, Gboard, or anything else? – Andrew T. Jul 7 at 13:03
  • Thanks for reply. I use Samsung keyboard – Joakim Jul 7 at 21:41

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