I have a couple Moto X2 phones, which seem to have a common problem and I am looking for some understanding as to why. They run out of memory.

I do a factory reset, load them up and use them for 3 or 4 weeks, and soon the internal storage (no SD card slot) reads something like:

OS 5.67 9.70gb used of 10.32gb

Apps 3.70gb Images 0 Videos 0 Audio 0 Other 3.01gb Cache 40mb

Running gets slow, and nothing can be done so I do another factory reset, load apps and use the phone again. After a fresh start, the apps are more like 1.9gb, and other is very small.

After another three or four weeks, things become unusable.

I have searched rather extensively, but cannot find someone describing the exact problem. This just isn't an issue of really needing 32gb of memory rather than 16gb, which is the size of the phones.

What is consuming storage, primarily in the other category, and how can I limit that, or houseclean?

System specifics: Moto X2 (unlocked factory versions), 16gb, Android 6.0

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