Android Messages app can show the preview of the link in an SMS.


I am trying to figure out a way to detect if the request comes from a preview so I don't get false positive visits.

Is there a way to disable the link previews?

  • Hi and welcome to Android Enthusiasts. Since you mentioned that the question has been asked before, it might be helpful to provide some links as additional context. Also, I assume Android Messages is the AOSP/Google Messages app, but mentioning the device model might also help in case the messaging app is different. Thanks! – Andrew T. Jul 8 at 3:58

To disable link previews on Android/Google Messages app:

  1. Tap the overflow menu (3 vertical dots) at the top-right corner
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Automatic previews
  4. Tap either Show all previews and/or Show only web link previews to disable
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