I want to know how we can put review or rate google play store (not their apps)

  • Google Play Store is not a regular app, therefore it can not be found in Google Play Store and hence can not be rated there. – Robert Jul 8 at 7:16
  • Is there is any place where we can rate it – Ritik Kumar Jul 8 at 7:20
  • There are various APK download sites on the net. I assume some of them allow to rate the apps. Most likely you will find Google Play Store APK here (com.android.vending). But rating it there where nobody reads it is in my opinion a bit useless. If you have critics on PlayStore may be you should better write a post on Facebook or Twitter. – Robert Jul 8 at 7:24
  • Ok... Well thank you – Ritik Kumar Jul 8 at 7:24

When you can write a review

You can only review apps you’ve downloaded.

  • Since you didn't download Google Play, you can't review it. Instead, from the Play Store → Help & Feedback → Send feedback at bottom (via mail) is an option.

Edit: Just found this, it is a better option. Raise it in the Google Play help community

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